We had a lovely time in Mauritius


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Just a bit of feedback. We had a lovely time in Mauritius! Compliments to you and all who made the arrangements everything went well from start to finish transfers etc,etc.

The people at the resort are very, very friendly and helpful at one stage I needed a doctor ...they were so concerned and helpful. (Le Palmiste)

Navin from Mautourco is   was very helpful and compotent ...a very good tour operator he gave us excellent advice and all he organised was perfect. The only complain we and other tourists had was that 3 hours on the island on the day of the Catamaran trip was too long ...hot tiring and nothing to do ...1 hour on the island is sufficient . I phoned him and told him. Thank you once more for a lovely trip. SHOULD you have another resort to expose KEEP ME IN MIND! 

Best of wishes for this year
Gwen Louwrens